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Build reading skills and boost confidence

Marmalade Skies instructors guide children in mastering the fundamentals of reading and reaching their actual potential. For whatever reasons children are behind, we successfully help them regain an interest in reading, increase their confidence, and successfully reach grade level proficiency.

From our tutoring center in Tucson, Arizona, our trained professionals use the gold standard of reading instruction: the Orton-Gillingham method. This phonics-based, systematic instruction is combined with engaging and multisensory activities to help children achieve a deep love of reading.

We enjoy seeing our learners take pride in their success! See how your child can become one of these many success stories. Click below for a free phone consultation and get your child on the path to reading success. Truly, the sky’s the limit!

Our Reading Tutoring Programs are specifically designed for children with learning differences

Reading Tutoring for kids with Dyslexia

We specialize in tutoring students with dyslexia, grades pre-K through 8th, using a systematic and phonological approach that targets sound-to-symbol correspondence, symbol-to-sound correspondence, spelling, decoding, fluency and comprehension. We fill in the holes of your child’s foundation so that your child can catch up to grade-level reading.

Reading Tutoring for kids with ADHD

Our reading tutors have both the patience and expertise necessary to instruct children with ADHD in reading. Learners often struggle with challenges in working memory, focus and attention, information processing, and distractibility. Our reading program, implemented by our reading tutors, addresses each of these challenges so that the student can learn to read quickly and efficiently. Our students also retain what they have learned and enjoy reading!

Reading Tutoring for kids with Autism

Children on the autism spectrum often need support in reading and reading comprehension . We combine our reading tutoring with positive reinforcement so that your child will feel calm, happy, and confident while learning to read and comprehend.

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Things your child will learn in our Reading Tutoring program:

  • How to sound out words
  • How to read smoothly and effortlessly
  • How to sound out multi-syllabic words
  • How to spell tricky words
  • How to write neatly
  • How to summarize and understand what they’ve read

Our Unique Approach to Reading Tutoring

We get your child

Our Tucson, AZ reading tutors meet your child where they’re at and build upon their current skills. We make sure that tutoring is a fun, enjoyable experience for your child. This helps your child feel confident, encouraged, and excited about reading.

Experts in Learning Differences

We teach children who are below grade-level for whatever reason. If your child is struggling to read – for whatever reason – we can help. However, some children need additional support due to a specific learning challenge. For these children, different minds require different types of instruction in order to be successful. We are experts in teaching children with learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and autism. Our instruction considers the child’s unique learning style, which helps them excel quickly and understand material without frustration.

Compassionate and friendly

Our tutors are compassionate, friendly, patient and kind. Our goal is to help your child build confidence, strengthen skills, and master concepts while feeling a sense of pride. The more confident a child feels about reading, the more quickly they will master reading skills.

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Does your child avoid reading aloud? Does your child memorize words rather than sound them out? Is your child not reading as well as they should be? We can help your child build confidence and skills in reading in order to be a successful, fluent reader.
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