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Marmalade Skies offers a wide variety of specialized tutoring programs for students in pre-k through 8th grade. Our individualized tutoring sessions ensure that students fill in the gaps within their knowledge of reading, writing, and math so that they may learn more complex material with confidence and success.

Building reading skills and boosting confidence! We tutor children who are below where they should be and help them reach grade-level.
Our Marmalade Skies instructors offer writing tutoring to kids from kindergarten to 8th grade so that they can become confident and expressive writers!
We build strong foundations in math to help your child will feel more confident, score higher on tests, and understand math more clearly.

How our tutoring programs will help your child succeed

We build strong relationships with the students and families that we serve. Your child will enjoy coming to Marmalade Skies for reading, writing, and math tutoring because we make learning fun and because we teach the skills they need to be successful at school.

Build confidence

Children who feel confident in the areas of reading, writing, and math are more likely to be open to learning advanced concepts in those areas. They will also be more successful! As reading, writing, and math are the core subjects and building blocks of core academic subjects, confident children will approach their school work with increased ease and decreased frustration or avoidance.

Get closer to grade level

If your child is below grade level in reading, writing, or math, our tutors will help your child reach grade level through our specialized, intensive, and targeted instruction.

Make learning fun again

No more frustration or avoidance in reading, writing, or math. Students who enjoy learning are more likely to seek it out as they grow older and become life-long learners. They are also are more likely to self-advocate in the classroom in order to sharpen understanding and less likely to melt down during homework time.

Tutoring programs for homeschooled children

  • Does your child resist learning from you?
  • Is it hard to motivate your child?
  • Is your child resistant to working on a particular subject with you?
  • Do you feel stuck because your child isn’t making progress in a particular area?
  • Does your homeschooler have ADHD, dyslexia, or autism?
  • Would your child benefit from specific strategies in reading or writing, offered by experts?
  • Does your child have autism and struggle getting through non-preferred tasks?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Marmalade Skies is here to help ease the burden of the extra attention required to get your child up to educational standards.

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Schedule your first session today. During the first session, we will help determine the needs of your child and in what areas they need additional support.

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