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Welcome to
Marmalade Skies Education

Marmalade Skies is a tutoring center in Tucson, AZ that offers specialized programs for children who are below grade level and need to catch up in reading, writing, or math. We believe that all children can be successful learners – they just need the right instruction!

The tutors at Marmalade Skies specialize in helping children ages 4 to 12, including those with learning differences such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. We use our special mixture of warmth, enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise to help children reach their full potential.

As experts in the area of exceptional education and neurodivergent learning, Marmalade Skies also offers Professional Development workshops and Certificates of Completion to teachers at schools and school districts.

Tutoring Programs

We build reading skills and boost confidence! We tutor children who are below where they should be and help them reach grade-level.

Our instructors offer writing tutoring to kids from kindergarten to 8th grade so that they can become confident and expressive writers!

We build strong foundations in math to help your child feel more confident, score higher on tests, and understand math more clearly.

Professional Development for Schools

Our literacy professional development topics are offered to schools in Tucson, AZ and cover a helpful range of reading and writing strategies to empower your teachers. From Disabilities 101 to How To Make Learning Fun to How To Teach Reading More Effectively, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team

Miss Tina staff pic
Tina Bauschatz – Founder and Director

Tina Bauschatz is the Founder and Director of Marmalade Skies Education. Our team at Marmalade Skies is comprised of top-tier tutors who have a wealth of experience and training in the areas of speech language pathology techniques, behavior management techniques, occupational therapy techniques, dyslexia programming, and Orton-Gillingham methodology. Meet the Team!

Success Stories

At Marmalade Skies Education, we guarantee a sweet and successful result! Read the testimonials of parents, children, and teachers that we have helped with tutoring and professional development in Tucson, AZ.

“Miss Tina has been amazing. They really have taken a whole child approach, integrating all members of my child’s team into the plan of care to insure we are all working towards the same goals.”



“She hated having to read but now she is reading on her own and her self confidence is soaring! Thank you so much! We sing your praises to anyone who will listen.”