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Our Philosophy

We believe that all children can be successful learners, especially those with unique learning differences such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD.

For the children we tutor, we believe that systematic, direct, multi-sensory instruction provided by a highly trained educator will lead to a love of learning, a boost in confidence, and a strong academic foundation. At Marmalade Skies, we use our special mixture of warmth, enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise to help children reach their full potential.

For the educators to whom we provide professional development, we believe that all teachers can build a meaningful, powerful skill set and provide effective instruction to their students if they are given the right tools and support. As experts in the area of neurodivergent learning, we offer professional development workshops to schools and school districts.

Every child can learn and every teacher can be a highly effective, confident educator.

Our Team

Our tutors help all children and specialize in tutoring children with learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. While we specialize in children with learning differences, we serve any child who is below grade level in reading, writing, or math. Learn more about our team.
Miss Tina Marmalade Skies Tutor
Tina Bauschatz
Founder and Director
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Taylor Riesgo
Lead Tutor
Brenia Starnes

Brenia Starnes

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Victoria Schlueter

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Gina Gentry
Front Desk Manager

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Miss Tina with an overview of Marmalade Skies Education programs

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Miss Tina and Melissa (ABA Provider) on Morning Blend

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 AJ and his Mom discuss how Miss Tina helped him become a confident learner

Success Stories

Read testimonials from real parents who have seen real results from their child’s education.