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Helping K-6 educators improve their literacy instruction in order to teach children with learning differences more effectively

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Our team can provide your school with customized training in reading and writing that fits your budget. Your teachers will feel more confident, more prepared, and more equipped to teach their students.

Our training is engaging, fun, and useful. Your teachers will leave with tools they can use the very next day. Workshops are one hour or three hours. Presentations include common teacher challenges, and innovative, targeted solutions.

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Professional Development Topics on Reading & Writing

Our professional development topics are offered to schools in Tucson, AZ and cover a helpful range of reading and writing strategies to empower your teachers. 

Teachers will learn strategies to help students overcome common reading challenges and lead students to increase their reading comprehension scores.

Teachers will learn how to build confidence in their students, expand their writing, and help them learn the writing process.

So grateful for the opportunity to attend a reading workshop conducted by Tina Bauschatz for professionals working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Learning to pinpoint the challenges each individual student faces, (speech, behavior, attention, phonological, environmental, and/or expressive language) is an extremely significant step in determining the strategy to use with that student. It made so much sense. This will clearly impact my approach with each student from here on. What an eye opener!!!!!!!

Marcia Frazee

Professional Development Workshop Overview

Workshops start with an introduction, teacher concerns, and the main features of reading instruction (knowing your stuff, gamifying instruction, identifying the problem, implementing the solution). We then dive deeper into each topic to uncover the best opportunities for your learning environment.

Each teacher will also receive Certificates of Completion for attending our training workshops. View our list of Literacy Professional Development Offerings below.

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Meet our Specialist

Tina Bauschatz is an expert in neurodivergent teaching strategies. By training, she is a reading specialist for children with dyslexia and has designed programs to successfully teach reading and writing to all children with unique learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, and ADHD.

Tina’s academic career has provided her with a strong background in etymology, exceptional education policy, Orton-Gillingham reading methodology, and applied behavioral analysis. 

Tina began her academic career in Massachusetts, at Smith College, where she took a BA in Classics (Latin & ancient Greek). She then deepened her journey into etymology and morphology though a postbaccalaureate program at the University of Pennsylvania and a certificate program at Duke University. Tina then moved to Arizona, where she took a Master of Arts degree in the PsychoDisabilities Department (Exceptional Education) and completed a fellowship as a Leader for Educational Neurodivergences and Disorders program (Arizona LEND). During her fellowship, she also began a doctoral program at the University of Arizona to specialize in dyslexia and minor in autism. 

Tina has provided professional development trainings in classrooms and schools across Tucson, Arizona. She consults directly with both mainstream and exceptional education teachers as well as superintendents and directors of exceptional education. Tina has a strong, enviable track record of success in getting all children with neurodivergent learning styles to read and write.

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